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arduino based servoelectric guitar

The main building blocks of this system are the Arduino, the custom guitar shield and a modified audio amplifer that plugs into the shield for each string

The untested EagleCAD sch and brd files for the shield are here and an image of the schematic here. Oops, found I have the Arduino pins backwards on the shield, new version soon (hopefully tested and debugged)

Thanks to for the frame and pin alignments Eagle files--Made available under CC 2.5 Share-Alike/Attrib.

Here is a different modification of the QK50 Hi-Fi audio amplifier kit used for the servoamplifiers in this version.

Here is an top level schematic and here is my curent Arduino sketch

Here is a MP3 taken off the YouTube video so the sound is of modest quality. But it is free under our attribute/non-commercial/share-alike open-source license (like everything else on this site). Happy listening.


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