Japanese Study

This is an audio flashcard program I wrote to study the vocabulary words of Genki 1 and 2 called NekoSensei. It is written in Visual Studio C# and works on Windows 10 only. This is because it uses the Japanese language speech recognition and synthesis features of Windows 10 to let you study vocabulary completely in the audio domain, listening to spoken words and then speaking in reply. I don't know if this is a good way to learn this vocabulary, but it is useful to keep what you have learned fresh. Let me know. The following link will down load the program to your computer. Last time I checked it gives you a scary warning about downloading programs whose provenance is unknown. I have put this link ihere for people who know me, so if you don't know me you will have to decide whether it is worth the risk (it is). If anyone knows how to get rid of the scary warning with out paying a lot of money to Microsoft, let me know. Otherwise, maybe I can get some other sites to vouch for this and link to it. In the Help file there is contact information. Let me know if you are using this and if you have suggestions. -Keith

japanese audio flashcards v2.0.0.7


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